By registering at our site, you agree to the following terms and conditions that apply to taking the contests.

  • Once the contestant starts the contest, it has to be finished in one sitting.
  • The contest can be taken only once. Once submitted the contestant cannot retake the test.
  • The contestant cannot receive help on answering any question on the contest.
  • The contestant cannot perform internet searches or refer to books for answers.
  • The contestant can submit the test anytime before the time elapses. Once time elapses, the test will auto submit.
  • Technical help with logging into the site and navigating to the test may be provided for younger kids but no help on how to solve the questions shall be rendered.
  • In the event that the contestant has trouble interpreting any question, they may choose to skip it or make an educated guess. We will try our best to provide unambiguous questions.
  • All calculations on the math contest must be performed on scratch paper and calculator use is not permitted.
  • If our contest checks reveal that any of these rules have been broken in any form by any contestant, then they will be disqualified.
  • The contestant or their parent (in case of minor children) agrees to have the contestant’s information published on the winners page if they win an award.

The goal of Stemity is to help kids keep up their learning while allowing everyone to participate and test their knowledge through regular fun and engaging contests – all this while contributing toward a charitable cause. By signing up for the contest, you as a contestant agree to abide by the rules and take the test with utmost honesty and integrity. As an adult, signing up your child for the contest, you agree to provide your child with a comfortable testing environment and promise to ensure that the test is taken in all honesty.