Sample Math Test 2

1. What is the area of a square with a side length of 7 inches?
2. Abby is saving money to buy a piano that costs $220. If she initially has $60, and she gains $20 per day selling lemonade, after how many days can Abby buy the piano?
3. Farmer Joe has three kinds of dogs. All of them are corgis, except for two. All of them are retrievers, except for two. All of them are pugs, except two. How many dogs does farmer Joe own?
4. If five yaks are equal to four jaks, and eight jaks are equal to six daks, how many yaks are in nine daks?
5. If the number of lily pads in a pond double in number every day, and it takes 24 days to completely cover its pond with lily pads, how many days will it take to cover half of the pond with lily pads?