We have three different contest categories that cover the main STEM topics – Science, Technology/Engineering and Math. The contests will be similar in format to the sample tests provided.

Who can participate?

Our contests are open to people of all ages, however the content of the contests will be tailored to match the knowledge levels of elementary school children from grades 2-5. That said, the contests are sure to be fun enough to match wits with contestants of all ages. Adults, this could be a fun way for you to test what you remember from your education!

Is there a fee to participate?

We charge a small fee to participate in our contests. The proceeds collected are spent on purchasing winner awards and the remaining proceeds are donated to charity.

How is the contest conducted?

The contests can be taken anytime within the time and date window mentioned on the contest page. Registered contestants will be required to login to the site and access the contest link, which will go live at the start of this time window. Contest links will remain active until the end of the time window. Based on the number of entries received, we may extend the time window for an ongoing set of contests.

You can choose to start the test at any time during the active window. Once you start the test, your timer will begin and you will have a fixed time (based on the contest) to answer all questions and submit your test. You cannot save and come back later and the test needs to be finished in one sitting. You can only take the test once. Contestants are required to adhere to our honor code. Results will be declared after our scoring, verification, and ranking is completed.

How is the contest scored?

Each question is worth a certain number of points. The points assigned to a question depend on the difficulty level of the question. The total score is the sum of the points the contestant scores on all questions. In the event of ties, questions with higher points will be used to break ties. If there are still ties, the time taken to finish the quiz will be used to break ties again. All scores will be final and not subject to appeal.

Which charity will receive the money?

It’s simple! Whenever a fresh set of contests is rolled out, we will add a new charity poll based on the focused cause during that time. Currently, the focus is COVID-19 relief funds. Everyone can vote for a charity of their liking, and the charity that receives the maximum votes will receive the proceeds from that set of contests. Have a particular charity or cause in mind for the future? Feel free to send us a message and let us know!

Who can win prizes?

While the contest is open to people of all ages, we only award the top scorers from the elementary (grades K-5) age group. The number of winners is based on the total number of participants. If a contest receives more than fifty entries, an additional winner is selected at random from all the remaining contestants – all ages included.

What will I get if I win?

In the spirit of supporting small businesses impacted by COVID-19 closures we will award eGift Cards from chosen small businesses to the winners. While these businesses might be closed presently, the gift card will help support them and may be redeemed as soon as they are back in business or online if possible.

In addition, the winners will have their names published on our website and will receive e-certificates. Top scorers from middle, high and adult categories will have their names published on our winners list too.

Contest details

Science contest

The Stemity Science contest is a 30 question, 35 minute contest that will test contestants on a variety of scientific phenomena across all fields of science (earth, life, physical, and chemical sciences). You can read more on study topics and study resources, try our sample questions or go ahead and register for the contest by following the links below.

Technology & Engineering contest

The Stemity Technology & Engineering contest is a 20 question, 25 minute contest that will test contestants on their technological and engineering skills by having them solve problems that require logical thinking such as basic algorithms. You can read more on study topics and study resources, try our sample questions or go ahead and register for the contest by following the links below.

Math contest

The Stemity Math contest is a 30 question, 35 minute contest that will test contestants on a variety of mathematical concepts from basic operations to low-level algebraic equations. You can read more on study topics and study resources, try our sample questions or go ahead and register for the contest by following the links below.

Honor code

We want to encourage elementary kids to spend their time out of school learning by motivating them through contests. We also want to give everyone else a chance to test their knowledge. However, one of our main goals is to pass on our proceeds to charities aside from awarding the winners. Given this commitment, we are certain that every contestant will adhere to the strong principles of no cheating in any form but we also require them to pledge honesty in their participation by way of an agreement.

The contestants will be required to agree and adhere to the following rules before taking the test.

  • Once the contestant starts the contest, it has to be finished in one sitting.
  • The contest can be taken only once. Once submitted the contestant cannot retake the test.
  • The contestant cannot receive help on answering any question on the contest.
  • The contestant cannot perform internet searches or refer to books for answers.
  • The contestant can submit the test anytime before the time elapses. Once time elapses, the test will auto submit.
  • Technical help with logging into the site and navigating to the test may be provided for younger kids but no help on how to solve the questions shall be rendered.
  • In the event that the contestant has trouble interpreting any question, they may choose to skip it or make an educated guess. We will try our best to provide unambiguous questions.
  • All calculations on the math contest must be performed on scratch paper and calculator use is not permitted.
  • The contestant or their parent (in case of minor children) agrees to have the contestant’s information published on the winners page if they win an award.

If our contest checks reveal that any of these rules have been broken in any form by any contestant, then they will be disqualified. The goal of Stemity is to help kids keep up their learning while allowing everyone to participate and test their knowledge through regular fun and engaging contests – all this while contributing toward a charitable cause.